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Moulana Hospital

NEO BLESS ICU “Your baby’s first home”

  • NNF India accredited training centre for doctors and nurses
  • High Quality Care at affordable cost
  • Neonatal Unit designedon the basis of national and international standards
  • State of the art NICU in more than 4000sqft area with latest facilities for the care of premature, sick, LBW neonates
  • Regional referral centre
  • Facilities for ventilation, of extremely premature babies including High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation, BIPAP & CPAP machines, Blood Gas Analyzer, Modern incubators / Resuscitaire, Neonatal ECHO, Cranial USS
  • Facility for total body cooling
  • 24 hour medical care by trained doctors
  • Excellent survival rate without disability and very low infection rate.
  • Survival of babies from 6 months of gestation
  • More than 5000 healthy babies and happy families
  • Neonatal OPD / Neuro developmental Clinic / ROP Screening Antenatal / Perinatal counselling
  • Paediatric Cardiology Clinic on every Thursdays conducted by the Paediatric  Cardiologist from Amrutha Hospital
  • Paediatric Genetics Clinic conducted by Paediatric Geneticist of Moulana Hospital
Applications are invited for NNF and IAP-Neonatology Fellowship Training Program


  • Dr. Jayachandhran

    Dr. Jayachandhran