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Moulana Hospital

Clinical Genetics Unit in Moulana Hospital provides services in various area in genetics like -Diagnosis, Treatment and Genetic Counseling of Paediatric Genetic Disorders which involves Clinical Dysmorphology and Genetic Syndromes, Birth Defects, Chromosomal Abnormalities, Skeletal Dysplasias, Short Stature, Mental Retardation Syndromes, Neuromuscular disorders, Metabolic disorders – Inhorn erros of Metaolism, Lysosomal storage disorders.

– Prenatal cases – Diagnosis, Genetic testing and Counseling. – Infertility, Recurrent Pregnancy Cases – Genetic Counsiling and Intepretation of Various Genetic tests – Cystogentic test like Karyotyping, FISH etc… – Modular tests – Gene Sequencing. EXOME Sequencing – Screening of other Family Members