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Moulana Hospital

At Adyanpara, the speeding stream finds way through the ups, downs and contours of a black rocky terrain forcing multiple cascades that plummet around 300 feet. It is located in the outskirts of Nilambur town. The name of the waterfall village –Kurumbalangode -may not sound pleasing. The place is nevertheless very pleasing. Further from Nilambur, paddy fields, teak plantations, bamboo woods and evergreen forest take over the rich red soil of the uneven land. Exotic and migratory birds belonging to this bird haven flock everywhere from tree tops to grassy grounds. By resting on the rocks and flying over the stream they also become part of the waterfall experience. Forest of this region has its fair share of wild life. The waterfall area away from their habitat is generally considered safe.

Minimum Distance From Moulana Hospitals : 55.3km