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Moulana Hospital


The department has facilities for conducting major surgeries of all specialities viz: General Surgery including Laparoscopic Surgery, E.N.T including Microlaryngeal Operations, Ophthalmology including corneal transplantation, Obstetric & Gynaec and Infertility Procedures & Dentistry, super specialties such as Cardio – Thoracic Surgery, Neuro Surgery, Urology & including Renal Transplantion, Plastic Surgery and Paediatric Surgery.

Services Available:-

  • Autologus blood transfusion.
  • One Lung Ventilation.
  • Hypotensive Anaesthesia.
  • Out – patient Anaesthesia.
  • Fibreoptic Bronchoscope intubation.
  • Pain Clinic.
  • Labour Analgesics.
  • Critical Care Unit.
  • Trauma Care.
  • Training of Public on Basic Life Support.
  • Training of Health Workers on Advanced Life Support.

Facilities Available: –

10 fully air-conditioned Operation Theatres with most modern Anaesthesia machines & invasive and non-invasive monitoring devices, centralised pipeline for gases, vaccum etc.

Pre-anaesthetic and post-anaesthetic care unit.

The critical care unit is equipped with modern Ventilators & Sophisticated invasive and no-invasive devices including blood Gas Analysers

A pain Clinic is open all days to treat acute & chronic painful conditions with invasive and non invasive techniques such as drugs, acupuncture, nerve blocks and continuos epidural injections. Painless labour is also being conducted here. 

First aid Classes for the General public and Basic life support Training for medical and paramedical are also conducted.

Contact Info: –

Dr. Sasidharan MBBS, DA

Mob:- +919847013042


Dr. Sudhakaran MBBS,DA

Mob:- +919847013042


Dr. Serene Rajeev MBBS,DA,DNB

Mob:- +914933307147


Dr. Firdouse DA

Mob:- +919961281818