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Moulana Hospital


The department has facilities for conducting major surgeries of all specialities viz: General Surgery including Laparoscopic Surgery, E.N.T including Microlaryngeal Operations, Ophthalmology including corneal transplantation, Obstetric & Gynaec and Infertility Procedures & Dentistry, super specialties such as Cardio – Thoracic Surgery, Neuro Surgery, Urology & including Renal Transplantion, Plastic Surgery and Paediatric Surgery.

Services Available:-

  • Autologus blood transfusion.
  • One Lung Ventilation.
  • Hypotensive Anaesthesia.
  • Out – patient Anaesthesia.
  • Fibre optic Bronchoscope intubation.
  • Pain Clinic.
  • Critical Care Unit.
  • Trauma Care.
  • Training of Public on Basic Life Support.
  • Training of Health Workers on Advanced Life Support.

Facilities Available: –

  • 12 fully air-conditioned Operation Theatres with most modern Anaesthesia machines & invasive and non-invasive monitoring devices, centralised pipeline for gases, vaccum etc.
  • Pre-anaesthetic and post-anaesthetic care unit.
  • The critical care unit is equipped with modern Ventilators & Sophisticated invasive and non-invasive devices including blood Gas Analysers
  • A pain Clinic is open all days to treat acute & chronic painful conditions with invasive and non invasive techniques such as drugs, acupuncture, nerve blocks and continuous epidural injections. Painless labour is also being conducted here.
  • First aid Classes for the General public and Basic life support Training for medical and paramedical are also conducted.