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‘I had been diabetic for 12 years. At first, had been taking only tablets. Slowly the severity of the disease increased, and reached a state when I had to take 70 Units of Insulin also apart from the tablets. Besides high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure also caught me on. It was then I had occasion to see a television interview in which Dr. Ismail disclosed a surgery to control diabetes. Though unbelievable at first, further enquiries about it were being made and, quite accidentally, I happened to see a relative of mine, who had undergone the surgery and as a result, she could stop all anti-diabetic medicines. I too, thus, underwent the surgery on 27-10-2011. Now I am fully healthy and energetic, much better than before the operation. The high levels of blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes, all the three, are now under control. Now, I am not taking any medicine for diabetes. I am indebted to Dr. Mohammed Ismail and his team.’