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Moulana Hospital

Dermatology is an essential branch of General Medicine as any other since the skin holds the body together.

Besides conducting routine diagnostic procedures the department has the following falicities


1. Chemical Peeling

Useful for a). Post acne Pigmentation & Scars.

b). Melasma.

c). Macular amyloidosis.

d). Wrinkles and Scars.

e). Facial rejuvenation.

2. Radio Frequency Surgeris

Removal of different types of skin tumours without scarring.

3. Tattooing

For vitiligo patients.

4. Punch Grafting

For vitiligo patients.

5. Laser Hair Removal

Using Sheer Diode Laser.

6. Dermabrasion.

7. Hair Transplantation.

8. Cryotherapy.

9. Electrocautery.