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Moulana Hospital


1. High speed thin section Dual Slice Spiral C.T Scan (Siemens Emotion Duo)  with 3D. MIP, MPR, Virtual bronchoscopy etc.

2. High Resolution 3D/4D USG Machine – Philips HD15

3. High end USG Color Doppler (PHILIPS HD 9).

4. Portable USG for Bedside/ICU USG & Intervention – Philips

5. High resolution USG machine – (THOSHIBA).

6. C-arm with image Intensifier.

7. 550 MA & 60MA R-ray machines.

8. Mammotom.

Procedures: –

1.Conventional Radiology like Barium studies, Hysterosalpingogram etc.

2.Tran Abdominal sonography (TAS) to study diseases of liver, gall bladder, kidneys, spleen etc.

3.Antenatal Sonography – First trimester scan – to confirm pregnancy & viability & to R/o ectopic gestation.

–  11-14 weeks scan – to assess Nuchal translucency – to rule out  Chromosomal anomalies.

–   Anomalies (targeted) scan  (5 months)– To rule out congenital  anomalies.

–   Third trimester scan (8-10 months) to assess fetus lie, Presentation, Fetal weight, Amniotic   fluid etc.

–   Antenatal doppler study – To study blood flow, uterine arteries,  umbilical & fetal arteries.

To assess fetal distress.

4.Colour Doppler study to assess carotid (neck) vessels, lower & upper limb arteries & veins.

5.Varicose vein study with perforators mapping.

6.CT/USG FNAC, Aspiration & other interventional procedures.

7. Transvaginal Sonography (TVS) – High resolution imaging of  uterus, ovaries etc.

–  Follicular & fetilities studies.

8. Trans-Rectal Ultrasonogrphy (TRUS).

9. Small part Sonography: Breasts: Muscles; Scrotum; Thyroid etc.