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Moulana Hospital

Facilities available:-

1. Functioning 24 hrs.

2. 20 bed, with facilities for observation & attached minor operation theater and procedure room

3. Centralized 02, Suction, Compressed air, Cardiac monitors and Defib. Machine.

4. Can easily accommodate and manage mass casualty.

5. Attached CT Scan, X-Ray, Lab , ECG, and USG department, Bed Side X-ray and Ultrasound Examination.

6. Invasive & non Invasive Ventilators.

7. International protocols.

8. Multi Super Specialty Support.

9. Separate Medical & Surgical Emergency Care facilities.

10.Dedicated personnel.

11.All Patients are stabilized and adequately treated with minimum amount of waiting time, thereby eliminating patient dissatisfaction.

List of Medical Equipments :-

1. Cardiac monitors, Defibrillators

2. Centralized 02 and suction

3. Invasive and non invasive ventilators

4. Nebulizer machine

New Facility :-

1. Ambulances with all emergency equipment & life support systems for transport of sick / injuries patients and all casualties.

Future plans :-

1. Central Monitoring.

2. Wireless Mobile ICU Ambulance Network.