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Moulana Hospital

The department obstetric and gynecology in Moulana Hospital is well known for High risk pregnancy care centre, headed by 5 eminent consultant gynaecologists, supported by well trained nursing and paramedical staff members.

Facilities Available: –

  • High risk Obstetric unit in Collaboration with Cardiologist, Gastroenterolist, Neurologist, Neonatologist, Nephrologist.
  • Full Fledged Labour Complex with 2 Operation Theatre, Post OP ICU, Ist Stage, IInd Stage & Section with Labour Suit.
  • All Gynaec procedures abdominal and vaginal.
  • Endovaginal Sonography and Sonosalpingography.
  • Diagnostic & Operative Laproscopy including, Laproscopic Hysterectomy, Ovarian pathologies.
  • Diagnostic & Operative Hysteroscopy.
  • Labour Analgesia -: Painless Labour.
  • Infertility Treatment -: including follicular study, IUI fertiligy enhancing laparoscopic procedure.
  • Full Fledged Neonatology ICU.
  • Pregnancy Care Packages.