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Moulana Hospital

Moulana Hospital is the one and only Insulin Pump Centre in North Kerala since 2015 with trained multidisciplinary team including Endocrinologist, dietician, certified diabetes educator and certified pump trainer providing round the clock service to the patients in Malappuram District.

This centre has large number of patients on pump therapy. Pumps offer near physiological delivery of insulin and are a proven, time tested therapeutic option in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes patients.

Pumps have been introduced as an alternative insulin delivery device with far more advantages than the popular syringes and insulin pens. The introduction of new generation insulin pumps have made treatment of diabetes much easier and natural, offering flexibility in the timing, quality and quantity of diet. Though insulin pumps are designed for all insulin requiring patients of any age group, much more than affordability, level of motivation, self learning skills, family support etc are taken into consideration in addition to other factors in determining whether a patient is the right candidate for pump therapy.

The introduction of new generation Insulin Pumps have made treatment of diabetes much easier and natural, offering flexibility in the timing, quality and quantity of food.

We have been in the front of introducing all new devices in Diabetes care: the latest insulin pump with predictive low glucose suspense (640G).

insulin pump

Benefits of Insulin Pump Therapy:-

  • Improved Outcomes
    • Lowers A1c
    • Reduces Hypoglycemia and Diabetic Keto Acidosis(DKA)
    • Reduces Blood Glucose Swings
  • Greater Flexibility and Freedom
    • Customized to meet your needs
    • Flexible for food, exercise
    • Freedom from multiple daily injections
  • Easy to Use
    • Small- Size of a small cell phone
    • No surgery required- easy insertion
    • Virtually Painless

Continuous Glucose Monitoring System


Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS) is an innovative technology used in routine diabetes management at Moulana Hospital since 2015. CGM consists of a tiny sensor placed underneath the skin, which provides 288 sugar values in 24 hrs and can be used for three to six days to obtain the sugar readings. The entire readings are obtained as trends which help the diabetes treatment team and the patient to make therapeutic decisions and suggest modifications in diet and lifestyle. CGM has been found to be most useful in diagnosing and preventing nocturnal hypoglycaemia, hypoglycaemic unawareness and in many cases where HbA1c does not very well correlate with blood sugar readings obtained by a glucometer. The technology is most useful for patients who wish to adjust their diet, exercise and lifestyle based on glucose excursions.

  • Sudha.N.P


    MSc Food & Nutrition,CDE,CPT (Dietitian, Diabetes Educator & Insulin Pump Trainer)