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Laboratory diagnostic services play an indispensable role in establishing correct diagnosis for instituting timely and effective treatment strategies to save the life of every patient. Assessing the disease course and response to treatment are other vital responsibilities being carried out by the department through the plethora of laboratory tests available under the umbrella of Clinical Pathology, Clinical Biochemistry, Serology, Immunology, Pathology and Microbiology. Department of laboratory medicine provides round the clock services including sampling of specimens analysis and report dispersal for all essential and vital lab tests making convinient for all inpatients by giving them a bedside access to laboratory services at their disposal.

Access to complete pathological evaluation tremendously improves the accuracy of final clinical diagnosis leading to effective and timely management of patients through multidisciplinary approach and reduces the monetary and emotional impediment on patients by minimizing referrals to higher centers.


Clinical Biochemistry,Clinical Pathology and Serology labs have state of the art facilities equipped sophisticated Auto analyzers and other Diagnostic Devices for timely completion of the tests and dispersal of results. The turnaround time (TAT)for all essential and vital lab tests have been kept below 2 hours (1 hours) as a standard lab practice without compromising the quality & reliability of test Results of lab tests send outside our premises, are given within 5-7 days off collection of specimen.

The services provided in Pathology department are Histopathology, Hematology and Cytology. This department provides diagnostic services extending from 8 am to 5 pm to meet the requirements of inpatients and out patients.

Cytology:- Department offers fine needle aspiration and other cytology services to patients who present with swellings & lumps to complete their pre surgical laboratory evaluation .

Hematology:- Hematology lab offers routine services to evaluate peripheral blood films and bone marrow aspiration films for diagnosis of diseases as common as infections diseases to various type of anemia bleeding disorders & hematological malegnancies.


Histopathology:- Histopathology lab equipped with most modern tissue processing units , currently perform gross and microscopic examination of reseated tissue specimens to give final diagnosis to a wide variety of diseases ranging from benign tomours, infectious and inflammatory diseases to advanced cancers.

Microbiology:- Microbiology department also provides all modern facilities to isolate, culture and identify wide variety of microorganisms and also help in testing the sensitivity of the same with appropriate medicines, thereby helping to provide proper antimicrobial therapy.