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‘I had been a diabetic, difficult to control even with 40 units of insulin per day. And then, I got a chance to attend a seminar on bariatric surgery in Moulana Hospital. After learning about it further, I underwent it on 07-09-2010, after which, for about six months, I could have diabetes control with oral tablets alone. Slowly the tablets also could be completely stopped and now I am totally free of diabetes. I feel much more enthusiastic and energetic than before. Surprisingly even slight indiscretion with sweets does not increase blood sugar. Taking cue from my experience, my husband, who has been taking 60 units of insulin every day for the last nine years, underwent the same surgery on 17-02-2011 and he too is totally satisfied with the results, as he needs only minimal oral medicines for diabetic control. We are indebted to Dr.Mohammed Ismail for his happiness.’