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Moulana Hospital


Advances in the last two decades of the last century have changed the way neurologists treat their patients. With the advent of sophisticated investigations the element of guess work in day- to -day clinical management is disappearing at a fast pace. Coupled with novel methods of treatment, medical care has been transformed into a high tech process, which can be pursued with mathematical precision.

Facilities Available:-

1. Exclusive 6 bed Neurology ICU fitted with Ventilator Pulse oxymeter Flame photometer to manage CVA, GB Syndrome, ADEM and metabolic disorder

2. Electrophysiology lab with 16 channel digital EEG Unit with photic stimulator for brain mapping Allied department of Radiology and Neurosurgery for management and speedy intervention when required. A well equipped physiotherapy department supports a smooth recovery and Rehabilitation.

Speciality Clinics : Headache and Vertigo clinic (In Conjection with ENT & Ophthalmology department)