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Moulana Hospital

The Department of Oncology at Moulana Hospital has started functioning from 26th May 2018. The unit is well arranged and facilitated to provide advanced Oncology Care.  The facilities offered are on par with similar setups in other metropolitan cities, but at an affordable cost.

The Department of Medical Oncology features the most advanced technology to diagnose and treat cancer in patients & is staffed by highly qualified & experienced oncologists & supporting staff. The experts adopt a multi-disciplinary approach, always working closely with other departments of the hospital to identify & find a solution to patients’s issues.  Medical Oncology OPD services are available from Mondy to Saturday between 09.00am to 6pm while emergency service available 24×7. Evidence based, International approved Chemotherapy guildlines are followed for treatment of various solid & haematological malignancies. The Department of Medical Onology comprises of 08 bedded day care unit with supported well qualified & experienced nurses.

Services Offered

  1. Chemotherapy (Out Patients & In Patients).
  2. Day care & in Patient
  3. Immunotherapy.
  4. Targeted Therapy.
  5. Hormonal Therapy.
  6. Thoracocentesis.
  7. Abdominal Paracentesis.
  8. Blood & Component Transfusion
  9. Bone-Marrow Aspirations and Biopsy.
  10. Paracentesis
  11. Lumbar Puncture.
  12. Dedicated Service for Dispencing Chemotherapy Drugs.
  13. Intra Thecal Administration of Chemotherapeutic Drugs.
  14. Intra Pleural and Intra Peritoneal Administration of Chemotherapeutic Drugs.
  15. Care of Chemoport / PICC Line / Central Line.
  16. Bio Safety Cabinet for Chemo Preparation.

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