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Moulana Hospital

Department for Cosmetic, Preventive,

Interceptive & Rehabilitative Dentistry


Department for Cosmetic,Preventive, Interceptive & Rehabilitative Dentistry was started with the aim to provide quality general dental health care at affordable cost. This department recognized for dentaltrauma care & cosmetic & rehabilitative dental care. This Department is well equipped with state of the art dental equippments & materials .

Department Facilities:-

  • Rehabilitative dentistry incorporating Dental Implants, Metal Free restorations, Telescopic dentures,Precision retained dentures, Cast partial & Flexible dentures, Cranio-facial acrylic flaps
  • Cosmetic dentistry including Smile designing Gummy smile correction, Teeth whitening, Veneers & Laminates.
  • Single visit root canal treatments, Endodontic surgeries, post & core, inlays & onlays.
  • Interceptive treatments for Gum diseases with bone grafts , Electro-surgery & Plastic surgery of gums.
  • Preventive dentistry including Diet counseling , Pit & fissure sealants, Minimal operative dentistry,Cancer & Pre cancer detection.
  • TMJ pain clinic -for Bruxism , Clenching & Migraine due to faulty bite.
  • Correction of Abnormal habits & associated disordered teeth due to Mouth breathing, Thumb sucking, Nail biting , Snorring, & Lip sucking.
  • Dental treatment in un-cooperative patients & minor oral surgery under General Anesthesia.
  • Dental trauma care with emphasis on Cosmetic Rehabilitation.
  • Dental clinical audit & research.
  • General dentistry -A to Z of routine dental treatments.
  • Dental treatment of Medically compromised patients.
  • Inter-disciplinary dental care with prompt referral to in -house Maxillo-Facial surgeon, Endodontist & visiting consultants in Orthodontics & Periodontics.

Booking and Consultation: –

O.P functions from Monday to Saturday with PROCEDURE & SURGERY TIME is 9.00 am to 4.00 pm ,during this patients who have give time by the department will be honoured. Consultations of non appointment patients will be seen if time permits. From 9.30a.m to 1.00 pm &2.00 pm to 4.00 pm O.P patients-non appointment patients are consulted based on the time the token is taken, simple procedures will be done, for difficult & special cases appointments will be given. It takes around 10-15 minutes to consult each patient, sometimes longer based on cases.

On Friday consultation time is 9.00 am to 12.30 pm & 2.00 p.m to 4.00pm

For appointments & enquiry contact: 04933 262300 (9am -4pm)