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Moulana Hospital


Well equipped paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Units with trained staff exclusively for the department. Well trained staff provide round the clock service to inpatient children, casuality service.

Critical Care Unit :-

  • care of critically ill children.
  • Ventilator Care for children.
  • Management of children with cardiac, Renal, GIT & CNS diseases.
  • Treatment of poisoning and bites.
  • Care of unconscious and sick children.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit:-

  • – Care of sick neonates and pre term babies
  • – Neonatal Ventilator care. (Dedicated Neonatal Ventilators, Bubble CPAP Ventilators)
  • – Surfactant Therapy
  • – Exchange transfusion and management of Hyper bilirubinemia.
  • – Incubators, Open care intensive units, Pulse oxymeters, Syringe Infusion pumps, drip infusion pumps, Radiant Warmers, Phototherapy units, Apnoea monitors, Blood gas Analyser.
  • – Management of babies with congenital anomalies.
  • – Management of babies with perinatal asphyxia and meconioum aspiration syndrome.

Neurodevelopmental Paediatrics:-

  • – Neuro developmental assessment.
  • – Early intervention and management of Physically and Mentally Challenged Children
  • – Physiotherapy and counseling.

Newborn Resuscitation Corner:-

  • – For resuscitation of babies immediately after delivery.
  • – The department also conducts well baby clinics and regular immunisation programmes.

Neuro Developmental Pediatrics

  • – Neuro developmental assessment
  • -Early Intervension & Management of Physically & Mentally challenged children

Childhood Allergy Clinic-

  • – Management of Allergic Rhinitis & Asthma in Children

Well Baby Clinic:-

  • -On all Wednesdays.
  • -Routine Immunisation given on 3 days a week – Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays.