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  • Mohammed Al Yazeedi

    I Mohammed Al Yazeedi from Buraimi, Oman. We are happy to see the recovery of our father Rashid mohammed nasser after knee replacement surgery of both knee. He is completely pain free and even do his salah by sitting in the floor. Thanks to Dr.Faizal Kareem and his team. We heard about him from other Omani patients.

    Mohammed Al Yazeedi
  • Shikha Khamis Juma Alruzaiqi.

    She had severe osteoarthritis in left knee. for that we had consulted Dr.Faizal Kareem. She undergone Lt total knee replacement under Dr.Faizal Kareem and his team by  mini incision sub vastus technique. We are surprised when our mother was able to climb stairs by 3rd day. We are sincerely thankful to Moulana Hospital and the entire orthopaedic  team.

    Shikha Khamis Juma Alruzaiqi.
  • Firoz Puthan Veettil

    My mother had a total knee replacement surgery 2 years back from Moulana Hospital, Perinthalmanna under the great team work of Dr.Faizal Kareem and now she is doing all  her day to day activities very well. Actually she was depressed with the severe pain and fear about the surgery. But the things got changed when we met Dr.Faizal Kareem. From the first appointment itself she got the courage to undergo surgery. Very pleasant indeed..!! Dr.Faizal Kareem  way of explanation about the surgery and his immense care to listening the patients and his great attention towards each patients made my mom ready for TKR. His professional skill and loving personality had given my mom the mental power. Dear Dr. Thank you so much for your gentle touch. Me and my family have been pleased with your professional yet personable service.

    Firoz Puthan Veettil
  • image

    Dear Dr. Faisal, Hearty Congratulations! For crossing 1000 mark barrier in your professional field. This will insight more confidence among patients coming to you for such operations, in your expertise. I have no words to express my gratitude for having remembered my name while preparing cards for despatch.

    I wish you and your team greater success and achieve more glory in the near future. I also wish you and your family a happy and more memorable days and god bless you all.

    Sreenivasan K. U.
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    ‘It was in an ill state that my parents took me to the Bariatric Surgery Department of Moulana Hospital in August 2010. I was under great stress, but encouraged by the friendly atmosphere there. I became free on August 15th, from obesity through surgery. Now I am very happy. My special congratulations are due to Dr. Ismail and his team who gave me a new life.’

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    ‘The surgical expertise and service I got on undergoing surgery to reduce weight at Moulana Hospital gladden me. I recommend this surgery to those who need it, because I do not have any problem after the surgery. I am very happy that I was very well looked after and treated.’

    Aftab Ahmed (40), London
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    ‘I had been a diabetic, difficult to control even with 40 units of insulin per day. And then, I got a chance to attend a seminar on bariatric surgery in Moulana Hospital. After learning about it further, I underwent it on 07-09-2010, after which, for about six months, I could have diabetes control with oral tablets alone. Slowly the tablets also could be completely stopped and now I am totally free of diabetes. I feel much more enthusiastic and energetic than before. Surprisingly even slight indiscretion with sweets does not increase blood sugar. Taking cue from my experience, my husband, who has been taking 60 units of insulin every day for the last nine years, underwent the same surgery on 17-02-2011 and he too is totally satisfied with the results, as he needs only minimal oral medicines for diabetic control. We are indebted to Dr.Mohammed Ismail for his happiness.’

    Shirley Anil Kumar(49), Kottarakkara
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    ‘I had been diabetic for 12 years. At first, had been taking only tablets. Slowly the severity of the disease increased, and reached a state when I had to take 70 Units of Insulin also apart from the tablets. Besides high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure also caught me on. It was then I had occasion to see a television interview in which Dr. Ismail disclosed a surgery to control diabetes. Though unbelievable at first, further enquiries about it were being made and, quite accidentally, I happened to see a relative of mine, who had undergone the surgery and as a result, she could stop all anti-diabetic medicines. I too, thus, underwent the surgery on 27-10-2011. Now I am fully healthy and energetic, much better than before the operation. The high levels of blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes, all the three, are now under control. Now, I am not taking any medicine for diabetes. I am indebted to Dr. Mohammed Ismail and his team.’

    Prakash (42), Pathanamthitta
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    ‘I had been diabetic for ten years and had to take 16 units of Insulin apart from tablets. The ever felt tiredness and sleepiness even started to affect my business. It was when, out of desperation, I was thinking of even selling my shop that I came to know that Dr. Ismail was doing surgeries for control of diabetes. I did undergo the surgery on 27-09-2011 and I am now totally healthy and happy. Diabetes is now fully under control, not having to take any medicine. I don’t feel tired even after doing work up to 9:30 at night. I owe this happiness to Dr. Ismail and Moulana Hospital.’

    Sali. P. K. (56), Ernakulam
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    ‘I was a man who saw death in the face due to obesity and associated diseases. And then I happened to meet a friend’s brother who had undergone bariatric surgery. The changes in him as a result really astonished me. I was against beauty enhancing by artificial means. On studying about this surgery through the internet, I could learn one thing: that bariatric surgery is not a cosmetic one. Instead it is a life-saving one. Thus I too underwent this surgery at Moulana Hospital. I don’t have any difficulty after the surgery. And I am very happy too.’

    Anu John (34), Nagercoil

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